Business Valuation Services

Our business valuation team provides strategic direction for businesses at their most critical junctures, such as financing, financial reporting, tax management, business planning, ownership transition, and litigation. Our team understands key internal and external value drivers and provides the insight, research, and professional opinion of value to support our clients’ business objectives. Specific valuation subjects include business enterprise (invested capital), 100% equity, fractional equity interests, phantom shares, preferred shares, options, warrants, imbedded derivatives, LLC/partnership interests, personal goodwill, intangible assets, intellectual property, debt, liabilities, whole plants, lease streams, molds and dies, and product lines. Our team manages all aspects of the valuation in-house, drawing from decades of professional business experience and the hands-on operational expertise of our industrial, retail, and brands teams.  Our business valuation team consists of experts with a proven track record and professional training and credentials including CPAs, ASAs, CFAs, ABVs, CDBVs, CIAs, CVAs.

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