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As one of the largest aspects of the economy that touches all members of society, the health care sector is complex and heavily dependent on population growth, advances in science and technology, and government regulation. As one of the largest appraisers of medical equipment in the industry, we provide our clients with unrivaled insight into drivers of change and value to help them meet the demands of the sector today, and tomorrow.

By The Numbers

Health Care Industry Update

The COVID-19 crisis has caused volatility in the health care industry partly because patients have delayed elective procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging, which is expected to see reduced demand for 2020. In the pharmaceutical industry, recent drug pricing pressure has resulted in greater scrutiny on price increases, resulting in gross margin compression for drug sales - especially in the generic sector. As a result, pharmaceutical pricing in the U.S. increased by just 1.7 percent year-to-date through May, representing a reduction when compared to the ten-year trend of 5.1 percent. Our valuation experts have asset-specific, real-world experience across industrial inventory and machinery and equipment in the health care space to help you navigate these changes and determine what they mean for asset values.

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