The Muffin Mam Online Auction

The 2019 muffin and decorative cake plant's assets are valued at over $11 million.

Client The Muffin Mam


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Gordon Brothers has partnered with New Mill Capital to sell the assets from a newly constructed 100,000-square-foot commercial decorative cake bakery and muffin plant formerly owned by The Muffin Mam.

The online auction begins at 11 AM EST on February 9, 2022 and assets include but are not limited to the following machinery and equipment:

  • 2019 Henry Group indirect gas fired tunnel oven
  • (2) 2018 G&F ambient spiral coolers and (1) 2009 G&F ambient spiral cooler
  • (19) Baxter rack ovens
  • (4) 2019 Unifiller cake decorating lines
  • (2) Automatic lines
  • (2) Manual lines with individual Unifiller decorating equipment
  • (40+) Unifiller depositors and hopper toppers, cake and muffin depositing lines
  • 2020 Oakes 60” 75 HP slurry skid with holding tank
  • 2019 Oakes high shear aerator system
  • 2020 FoodTools cake slabbing line and ultrasonic slicers
  • (5) 2019 VMI planetary mixers
  • 2019 packaging equipment and all plant support

Bidding closes at 11 AM EST on February 16, 2022. Additional auction information is available from New Mill Capital.

In addition to the machinery and equipment assets outlined above, muffins, cakes and other bulk ingredient inventory are available for purchase.

Viewing Date:
 Inspection by Appointment Only

Laurens, South Carolina

Bidding Close Date:
February 16, 2022 at 11 AM EST

Deal Contact:

Mike Guelfo
Tel: (770) 329-9761 | E-mail: